Sunday, November 3, 2019

Review of Academic Journal Articles on Management Essay

Review of Academic Journal Articles on Management - Essay Example Review of the first article Human resource management is thought of as a recent development which is directed at reshaping the relationships of employees. It can be considered as a tool that has replaced the conventional traditions in the field of management like industrial relations and personnel management. Human resource management is an evolving field that tackles complexities in the organizations. Human resource management is characterized as hard or soft because of its association with the business performance and strategy that has caused a thematic divide between the practices grounded in conventional methods such as personnel management and the modern management of human resource. Ivo (2006) wrote an article to explore the best perspectives about the field of human resource management. In the first section of the article, the author has made an attempt to generate a holistic understanding of the field of human resource management on the basis of various perspectives in manage ment. The author has fundamentally identified three systems of management to achieve this, namely closed or scientific management, semi open system or human relations, and the contingency system or the open system. In the second section, the author has tried to interpret human resource management in the form of a framework by thinking of it as a style. This interpretation makes it easy to perceive the hard and soft type of human resource management stylized as the utilitarian instrumentalism and developmental humanism respectively. The second section basically discusses human resource management in terms of a new discipline of management, a restatement of personnel management, a strategic function or a management discipline that is resource based. In the third section, the author has assessed the effect of human resource management upon the strategy, performance and outcome with the help of the Michigan, Harvard, Choice and Guest models. The author highlights the merits of the Choic e model for effective management of human resource. The fourth section considers senior manager in the role of a choice maker. To achieve this, the author has made use of the Japanese model of human resource management. The fifth section constitutes the conclusion in which the author has recapitulated the use of human resource management in the contemporary market as advocated by the literature. For the purpose of understanding the perceptions of human resource management, the researcher has primarily conducted a comprehensive literature review in which, he has studied and compared the findings of past researches. Finally, the author has summarized the research findings. The field of human resource management is very wide and researchers need to explore various aspects of it in order to generate a sound understanding for use by human resource professionals. Although the effects of human resource management on employment and value creation have been sufficiently studied, there is lit tle knowledge about the characteristics and developmental strategies of human resource management. The findings of research conducted by Ivo (2006) are very useful for the IHRM practice in the real world. The author has particularly placed huge emphasis on the comparison between human resource management and the conventional management practices that have been in place for decades like personnel management. Obtaining correct understanding of human resource

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